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Here are a few nifty tips and tricks for easy and handy networking on Facebook…

Ø To post in Hindi( or other language) on Facebook :

o Open new tab in the browser, and visit www.google.com/transliterate/

o This page is an editor, wherein on the top left corner one can specify the preferred language.

o Write the required text in the text area, for example: to write “shaadi” in hindi, chooseimage as language and type in shaadi followed by a space to make the change. The text changes to image.

o When the text is finished, select all the text, copy and paste to the Facebook status or comment box. Done.


Ø With the new changes in Facebook, while commenting, pressing Enter posts the comment. This has been to done to make commenting handier. But how can one now change the line while commenting? Well, it can be done by just pressing Shift+Enter each time you want a change in line while commenting.


Ø One of the changes has been with the slide-view of the pictures on Facebook, having black background. Most of the Facebook addicts didn’t like this, preferring the older way. Well, you can revert to previous way of viewing pictures by just pressing F5 when the picture opens in slide-view.


Someone has very aptly said that the best camera is the one you have. Most of our day to day incidents are worth capturing, but it is not possible to carry your bulky SLRs wherever you go. You can take very good photographs with even the 3.2MP camera phone you have got with yourself. The depiction of sense and mood behind a photograph is much important than the quality or MP-counts of it. Here are some of the tips you can work upon for some great masterpieces from your own camera-phone.

1.Lights : Special attention should be paid to the conditions around and since you cant rely  on the flash of your phone, you should take care of proper placement of your camera phone and the object or person being photographed. Shadows and shines must be avoided to ensure that the photograph depicts reality to greater extent.Optimum amount of light is important.

2. Settings : After proper analysis of the conditions of natural lighting, you need to tweak whatever settings available to ensure that the photograph satisfies your liking. Its not a good practice to continue capturing photos in the automatic mode. External hardware tweaks are very assisting for great shots, for instance, placing the lens of an old CD/DVD player makes capturing macro shots possible, or placing colour filters in front of your camera phone lens help naturalize the color tone of the photos. Thus it is experiments that make you shot some really good masterpieces.

3. Stability : Stability is a very important factor. Specially when you increase the ISO sensitivity, e.g. in the night mode, a shaky hand may lead to hazy pictures. The stability of your phone is very important for your photos to be crisp and sharp. This can be achieved by  having a support for your arm while you are taking the shot. Best stability is possible through use of tripod stands. If your phone has touchscreen, a slight touch on the capture icon on the screen provides better stability than pressing the camera button.

4. Never zoom in your photograph : The camera phones have generally digital zoom, which has a very great disadvantage. Compared to optical zoom, digital zoom leads to shortening the size of the photograph. Its better not to use digital zoom, because when you edit that picture on photoshop or gimp or any other related photo-editing softwares, you always have the option to concentrate on the particular portion you wanted to zoom into.

5. Don’t do much of photo-editing : Its very clear that the photos you took from your camera phone are not of great quality. Hence its advisable to let them depict reality to greater extent. Hence its better not to mask them up much with those tools to make it lose its originality. Such photos shall make a distinct genre of themselves.

Above are some tips to take good photos from your camera phone. If you have got any suggestions or tips in this context, comment and share.

start blogging thru facebook

facebook notes

Blogging can be more than just a personal story-telling experience.But there’s no mantra to get you famous as a successful blogger, but, yes, there are tips to follow if you want to make a mark, or maybe, make a earning as well.

Here’s a very basic yet powerful tip for those of you who don’t know whether they have the skill to host a blog and interest its readers. You are on a social networking site, say Facebook, and chat and share thoughts with your friends. Well, they can be great readers for your initial steps… Start writing notes, or posting images( if you want to start a photo-blog), or videos(if Vblogs interests you), and tag your friends, and analyze what they comment. Do not give up in few trials if you dont receive positive comments. Perseverance is important. After about 25-30  posts, you are in a better position to judge whether you should start blogging or not.

Steps to write a note on facebook:
1..On your home page, on the left sidebar, there is a link “Notes”. Click on it.
2..On the page that appears, the right top corner has a button :” Write a note”. Click it.
3..Now you get your Edit Note page, where you type in the title. Next put in your content. Make sure its short and interesting. And then tag your friends, so that they know that you have written a note, and expect their comments.
4..Publish the note.

Write on anything you feel like, be it short plots, poetry, current trends, etc. Just put thoughts to words. Try to improve your writing note after note. And I assure you that this shall help you a lot with getting started with blogging. Comment on others posts, notes, photos to ensure that they will also comment on yours. Try writing on varied topics of your interest and compare the likes and comments. This shall let you know what you are good at.Once you start blogging, ask your friends on facebook to follow you there. Try this and let me know…