start blogging thru facebook

facebook notes

Blogging can be more than just a personal story-telling experience.But there’s no mantra to get you famous as a successful blogger, but, yes, there are tips to follow if you want to make a mark, or maybe, make a earning as well.

Here’s a very basic yet powerful tip for those of you who don’t know whether they have the skill to host a blog and interest its readers. You are on a social networking site, say Facebook, and chat and share thoughts with your friends. Well, they can be great readers for your initial steps… Start writing notes, or posting images( if you want to start a photo-blog), or videos(if Vblogs interests you), and tag your friends, and analyze what they comment. Do not give up in few trials if you dont receive positive comments. Perseverance is important. After about 25-30  posts, you are in a better position to judge whether you should start blogging or not.

Steps to write a note on facebook:
1..On your home page, on the left sidebar, there is a link “Notes”. Click on it.
2..On the page that appears, the right top corner has a button :” Write a note”. Click it.
3..Now you get your Edit Note page, where you type in the title. Next put in your content. Make sure its short and interesting. And then tag your friends, so that they know that you have written a note, and expect their comments.
4..Publish the note.

Write on anything you feel like, be it short plots, poetry, current trends, etc. Just put thoughts to words. Try to improve your writing note after note. And I assure you that this shall help you a lot with getting started with blogging. Comment on others posts, notes, photos to ensure that they will also comment on yours. Try writing on varied topics of your interest and compare the likes and comments. This shall let you know what you are good at.Once you start blogging, ask your friends on facebook to follow you there. Try this and let me know…